ALÉZOU is a Web app which enable teachers to accompany pupils/students in their internship research


The app is designed for the internships performed during higher education (professional baccalaureate and HND), as well as during vocational education (from May 2017, for the professional training and apprenticeship contracts from the professional baccalaureate up to the master degrees).


It is structured around exclusive functionalities which create a judicious tool for the classes using it.


Our customers are indifferently major companies, small and medium size businesses, and even smaller structures.

Here are some examples.

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ALÉZOU exclusive functionalities for teachers

Followed by the search for internship of each pupil/student of a class

With his dashboard, the teacher has a tool that he can use at 2 levels :

  • Global view of all the pupils/students of a class

At a glance, the teacher has in front of him a precise and updated status in real time of the progress of the research of internship of all the pupils/students of a class. He can see :

  • who already has signed a convention or a contract,
  • who meets difficulties in his internship research,
  • the number of companies contacted by a pupil/student,
  • the number of interviews. 
  • View of a pupil/student's dashboard

By clicking on a student's line, the teacher displays his dashboard and can :

  • see the companies he previously contacted,
  • advise him usefully in its choices.
Advantages : quality of monitoring, personal assistance

Make a firm 's research for a pupil/student

A teacher can make a firm's research and reveal it in a pupil/student 's dashboard, so that he can apply for.

Advantage : personal assistance

Management of internship's periods

A teacher with administrator rights has the option of entering the dates of all internship's periods so that they appear in a schedule on the student identification form. Business managers thus have a clear and precise view of all the periods during which the pupil/student will be present in the company.

Advantages : clear, no risk of error, complete offer

Configuring the number of students attended

 Teachers can configure their dashboard and reveal only the attended pupils/students (whole, half-class or 1 only pupil).

Advantages : efficiency, time-saving

History of the contacts


All the communications with companies are traced (date & time) in order to keep an history and find them back easily.

Advantages : practical and safe data management

Attendance diagram for each internship's period in the company

Once the convention or the contract have been signed, the manager can check at any time who the interns are, when they are in his company, and how long for.

It allows him to get organized, and to plan the work to be done.

Advantages : practical and complete overview






ALÉZOU is located at Technopôle Brest-Iroise. This technology park is assisting us in this adventure. The Brittany Region is also following us within the scope of Emergys, which is a help for the innovative start-ups.


We are at your disposal to offer you a demo and to help you set it up in your section.


Contact : Claude Demeure

Mobile : 07 62 48 69 01

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